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RE: Wood Rot

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I think the products you are looking for are WoodEpox and LiquidWood by Abatron, Inc., Kenosha, WI tel: 800-445-1754 or 414-653-2000.

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     There was tread awhile back on repairing dry rot and fungus in wood 
     structures.  Dennis Wish mentioned Dove Industries and White Cap 
     Supply I believe(??).  Our condominium complex is looking at fixing up 
     about 100 exterior wood balconies and we could use these type 
     products.  I drew a blank trying to call the above vendors and the 
     hardware stores were not much help.
     Did anyone find the products that Dennis mentioned?  These were one 
     for killing dry rot/fungus and a second for penetrating the wood to 
     restore its strength (like a viscous epoxy??).
     Thanks for your help,
     Thomas Hunt