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Re: MTEXT / MS Word to R14

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Are you sure that the computer is really locked up when you go to edit an mtext object with lots of text in it? it may just be that AutoCAD is taking a looooong time to bring up the mtext editor. That can happen with lots of text and/or TrueType fonts. Try breaking the text up into smaller chunks.

I haven't had any problem getting AutoCAD to use Notepad for its mtext editor. Enter  MTEXTED and then NOTEPAD. Enter  MTEXTED and then INTERNAL to return to the built-in editor.

By the way, mtext performance is a good deal better in R14 than in R13 (although as I mentioned before, TrueType text performance remains a problem).

- Mark Middlebrook  MarkMid(--nospam--at)  MarkMiddlebrook(--nospam--at)