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Re: Wood Rot

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I believe this is the product that we used on the La Quinta Country Club
that I mentioned in my post. These products not only coated the wood to stop
the rot, the WoodEpox was a very hard epoxy fill that could be shaped,
sanded or rasped to repair the damaged wood. When painted, we were unable to
tell where the repair started or stopped. The most surprising thing with the
WoodEpox was the weight. It was as light as a pumice stone, yet extrememly
hard and dried to a very strong compressive strength.
Abatron has suppliers in California (and around the country) and were very
helpful by sending me some technical data on the product.
Dennis Wish
PS, Thanks Harold, I had forgotten the product name until I recognized it in
your post.

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>I think the products you are looking for are WoodEpox and LiquidWood by
Abatron, Inc., Kenosha, WI tel: 800-445-1754 or 414-653-2000.
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>Subject: Wood Rot
>     There was tread awhile back on repairing dry rot and fungus in wood
>     structures.  Dennis Wish mentioned Dove Industries and White Cap
>     Supply I believe(??).  Our condominium complex is looking at fixing up
>     about 100 exterior wood balconies and we could use these type
>     products.  I drew a blank trying to call the above vendors and the
>     hardware stores were not much help.
>     Did anyone find the products that Dennis mentioned?  These were one
>     for killing dry rot/fungus and a second for penetrating the wood to
>     restore its strength (like a viscous epoxy??).
>     Thanks for your help,
>     Thomas Hunt
>     TOM.HUNT(--nospam--at)