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I have been using Visual Analysis since Version 1.0.  Initially, it was
little more than an interesting and promising "toy".  Each new version,
however, has brought massive improvement and added functionality.  The
current Version 3.11 is a powerful 32-bit Windows 95/NT application for
2D and 3D analysis as well as design in steel, concrete, and timber.
The user interface is entirely graphical and very friendly.  The
software can be easily updated daily from the Internet using the new VAD
update utility.  All of this, yet the price remains that of a toy ... so
low that the purchase of this software should be a "no-brainer" for most
firms.  Let's just hope that the cost of living remains low in Montana!

Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
>Check out Visual Analysis (  It's a good value, and
>much easier to use than STAADIII.