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Re: MISC - Computer File Storage

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I have and HP Colorado T4000.  It uses 4 Gigabyte (8 Gigabyte with
compression) tapes, and backs up about 30 MB per second, which is 3 times
faster than a 1.6 GB (3.2 with compression) tape backup that I replaced (too
slow).  This particular drive ran about $400, but required a SCSI controller
card (mine cost $150) to operate.  Drive works great, and I have had no
problems restoring any files, whether deleted accidentally or when I've
repartitioned and formatted drives.

One caviat about tape drives.... Look at both the cost of the drive AND the
tapes.  I have four 4 GB tapes that I rotate which I purchased for $30 each.
I see 1.6 GB (3.2 compressed) selling for about the same price.  In my case,
to get the amount of storage I needed it was not much more expensive to buy
the more expensive (and faster) drive.

The math is below

Drive using   4 GB tapes  $400
SCSI Controller                 $150
4 tapes (16 Gigs)              $120                  Total   $670

Drive using 1.6 GB tapes   $140
10 Tapes (16 Gigs)             $300                Total   $440

OK, so its around $230 more with the SCSI card, $80 without :^)  The
increased speed, and not having to insert a new tape after half my drive is
backed up was more than worth it for me, anyway.


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Date: Monday, December 22, 1997 6:21 PM
Subject: MISC - Computer File Storage

>I visited a computer show this past Saturday bearing in mind the recent
>which addressed HD crashes and how to avoid/plan for same. One vendor was
>selling the HP Colorado tape back-up with a 3.2 meg capacity for
>$140.00 which I thought worth the price considering the amount of time
>required to recover lost files, data, etc. Has anyone used Colorado? If so,
>any comments or suggestions?
>Charlie Canitz, PE
>Bel Air, MD