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Re: Suggestion on LRFD book

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     Sam Chang wrote: 

<<  I have been avoiding the LRFD for the last 10 years.  Most designs I 
seen are still in ASD.  Is LRFD mature and important enough that I should 
pick it up?  Assuming that I looking forward about 10 more years in the main 

stream of structural engineering profession.
      I saw these two books in the bookstore. They are both thick and
hard to read.  If you recommend LRFD, which one should I buy?
Structural Steel Designer's Handbook 2nd ed.
      Rober L. BrockenBrough & Frederic S. Merritt 
      McGraw Hill
Steel Structures, Design and Behavior 4th. ed.   LRFD
      Charles G. Salmon & John E. Johnson
      U of Wisconsin
      Harper Collins Pub.
      Any other book that is better for me? >>

I think that over the next 10 years, we will all be using LRFD design for 
structures.  All of the graduate engineers will have learned it at college.

The book by Salmon & Johnson is excellent, and goes into the derivations and 

mathematical theory of all the LRFD (and ASD) equations.  A lesser priced 
often used as an undergraduate textbook is "Structural Steel Design, LRFD 
Method, 2nd Edition" by Jack C. McCormac.  I have and use both; you can't go 

wrong with either.

Rick Drake, SE
Fluor Daniel, Inc.