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Re: wood framing question

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At 17:09 12/19/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Does any body have any misgivings about triple top plates (2x6) as opposed
>to dbl top plates for a bearing wall ? I am thinking of the perpindicular
>to plane force transfer. The framer screwed up on the length of the studs
>and he wants to make up the diff. by adding another plate.
>Tarek Mokhtar, PE

I once had a wood butcher screw up the stud lengths and want to use 7-2x4
plates.  I told him I would not accept it as it created a hinge condition
for normal loads (wind was controlling in this case).  My general rule of
thumb is not to allow the height of the plate "stack" to exceed its width.
I don't have a theoretical basis for this, but it "feels about right".