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Re: Stamping Plans - A new question

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Dennis S. Wish wrote:

>a client purchased a steel stud home designed and manufactured in Texas for

>use in Los Angeles...The manufacturer did not provide the foundation
>and would only stamp the plans and calcs for their product...The architect 
>hired an engineer for the foundation, but the engineer would not take
>responsibility for the structure...The City refused the plans stating
>that they wanted only one engineer of record and neither the manufacture
>of the home or the foundation engineer was willing.

First, the manufacturer should provide a stamped set of building drawings
sealed by a PE registered in California.  It is unreasonable for the City to
require another engineer to take full responsibility for the
building design, however I do not think it is unreasonable for the City to
want one professional to take responsibility for coordination of the
structural design.  This could be accomplished by the engineer who is
responsible for the foundation design also performing a review of essential
information used in the design of the building.  For example, the engineer
could request a certified statement from the manufacturer's engineer listing
the building codes used in the design, the specific loading assumptions used
for wind, seismic, etc, and the building foundation reactions for each case.

If the design data submitted is consistent with local building codes and
the foundation design, the foundation engineer could then write and seal a
report summarizing the overall design conformance with the building code.
engineer would not be taking professional responsibility for every detail in
the building design but would be taking general responsibility that the
overall design was performed by registered engineers and that the building
foundation designs have been coordinated in design.  Perhaps this would
satisfy the City building department.