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Re: Wood: Using 2x ledger in

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>Would it still be a possible or perferable option to use a let-in ledger at
>this stage.  I have used 2x ledgers to studs also, but generally only on
>ceilings and roofs where possible.  If  it was a floor load that I had to
>support, I would try and use a let-in ledger  (2x6 studs) and sit the joist
>top of the ledger and nail the floor joist to the sides of the studs if
>I know once the studs are up, its a pain to cut-in a ledger plus concerns
>overcuts by the framer. Also aligning joist and studs can be difficult.
>Somehow  though I am more comfortrable putting the joist in bearing on the
>wall, instead of hanging them off of a ledger on a stud wall.
>Just a thought.
>Michael Cochran
>Brian L. Cochran Associates

Thanks for the advice, Michael. I agree with you. This ledger IS supporting
a roof and only 4 tributary feet of roof (8'-0" from ledger to bearing).
I would not attempt this for a floor diaphragm connection.
Thanks again for the advice.
Happy Holidays