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FW: WebWorks Vol.2 No. 9

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The following is an exert from CADALYST magazines digital mag.  Included is a link for a detail window that runs inside autocad.  It sounds alot like SoftEngine's detail window.  SoftEngine worked great for v13 but has not, as of yet, released software for acadv14.  Hopefully the program mentioned below will help fill in the gap.

John Jones
Pell City, AL

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WebWorks "A Digital Newsletter for AutoCAD Productivity"
12/22/97 -"Serving 24,000 subscribers and growing"- Volume 2 No. 9

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---------------------------------------------------TABLE OF CONTENTS
1) Online VBA instruction updated at CADALYST site
2) Free desktop utility magnifies your display and more!
3) Free! Amazing layer routine toolbar for AutoCAD R13 & R14
4) How low can a Pentium II go?
5) Hot Tip Harry flashback to April '97
6) Free - Nov 97 CADALYST lisp programs and code available now
7) Design your future - an Autodesk website for girls
8) New R14 product -- training CD-ROM
9) Reader tip -applying ANSI symbols in AutoCAD
10) Reader tip II - closing multiple AutoCAD sessions in NT
11) 3D solid mechanics glossary of terms
12) WebWorks subscriber information
13) About WebWorks

Screen Loupe for Windows 95/NT is a small freeware utility that
displays a magnified view of whatever is beneath the mouse cursor,
much like a jeweler's or printer's loupe. AutoCAD users can see an
enlarged area of their CAD drawing in a separate window, while
designing or drafting. Users can also copy the contents of the Loupe
window to the clipboard as well. The captured image can be pasted
into AutoCAD, any graphics program, and most word processors.

The Screen Loupe includes a horizontal and vertical ruler, ASCII
code chart, and a list of Window operating system error codes.

Go to and follow the
instructions. Send this web site address to all your AutoCAD-using
friends so they can subscribe to this free newsletter.
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