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Re: File Backups

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I've always been confused with rotational backups starting with a full
backup and followed by two layers of changed files.
I use tape backups for immediate protection of loaded programs and support
files that would be otherwise time consuming to reload. I backup my data
files to Zip Disks, however not as frequently as I should. Once a project is
complete, the project file which contains all of the analysis and documents
used in the project goes to a zip disk. I have used a second zip disk for
protection, however I have never seen a zip disk go bad.
I do use Drivespace compression on my zip disks so as to obtain close to 200
megs of space. This is easier to retrieve than to try and zip the entire
folder for later retrieval of a portion or one document.
I find Tapes to be cumbersome overall and difficult to retrieve data from.
However, they are indespensible when needing to rebuild a hard drive that
has been corrupted.
Dennis Wish

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Date: Monday, January 05, 1998 8:24 AM
Subject: Re: File Backups

>We have had some discussion on hardware for backups, but now I would like
>shift the focus to procedure and scheduling.  What I would like to see is
>other's opinions, strategies, etc. on backing up computer files.
>We currently use tape backup.  Every day we backup all the files that were
>modified that day.  We use three tapes and rotate them when they fill up.
>When the third tape is full we begin again on the first.
>Periodically (we define periodically as whenever we think it is time) we do
>total backup of the hard drive or only the directory that contains all the
>project files.
>I would like to hear of a more systematic approach to scheduling backups
>using tapes from some of you experienced backuppers (new word).
>Richard Lewis, P.E.
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