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Re[2]: File Backups

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     We may have a larger scale operation than you do, but here we have 
     about 30 production servers which are backed up each night.  The daily 
     backup is an incremental backup, only the changed files are saved, 
     similar to what you do.  Each week a full backup is made, every file 
     on the server is copied.  The full backups are kept on site with a 
     copy going off-site (San Diego area) for disaster recovery purposes.  
     These full backups are kept for 18 months and then recycled.
     Ed Haninger
     Fluor Daniel 

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Subject: Re: File Backups
Author:  rlewis@techteam.org_at_-FDInternet at FDINET
Date:    01/05/1998 11:04 AM

We have had some discussion on hardware for backups, but now I would like to 

shift the focus to procedure and scheduling.  What I would like to see is 
other's opinions, strategies, etc. on backing up computer files.
     I would like to hear of a more systematic approach to scheduling 
     backups and using tapes from some of you experienced backuppers (new 
Richard Lewis, P.E.