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Re: File Backups

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I don't know if I am a "backupper" (experienced or not) or a goforwarder :-).

Anyway, my procedure for backing up is to do partial backups daily and full 
backups weekly on Friday/Saturday.  I use 5 tapes for my daily backup (one 
each day), take them home with me daily, and keep them at home until the 
weekly full backup is made.  It is most important to keep your backup tapes 
*off-site* so that if anything happens to your office, you can quickly 
restore your files on another system.  If anything happens to your off-site 
location, a new backup can always be made.  On Fridays, after I do my partial 
backup, I do a full backup using a batch routine that does a CHKDSK and also 
defrags all my hard drive partitions.  At the present, I am rotating two sets 
of tapes for the full backups and thinking of going to three sets.  One full 
backup set is always kept off-site, and when I go to three sets, the latest 
two full backups would be kept off-site.

I use a Colorado (aka H-P) tape system but don't compress my backup files.  I 
am very leery of proprietary compression routines.  If the Colorado software 
used PKZIP or LZH compression, I would probably not be so hesitant to 
compress the files as these compression/decompression routines are readily 

A. Roger Turk, P.E.(Structural)
Tucson, Arizona