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Re: File Backups

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Don't get me wrong. I'm religious about backing up. I do a full backup every
and incrementals every night. I don't do off site storage but I do try to
keep my tapes
away from electronic devices.

Bill Allen
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Date: Tuesday, January 06, 1998 5:42 AM
Subject: Re: File Backups

>Think of it this way, your the system adminstrator and all the computers
>due to a stealth virus imported from the internet.   How much money from 30
>stations do you lose by the hour and how much re-work will have to be done
>you don't keep good backups.
>Incremental backups are cheap, easy insurance.  But rarely done in small
>Including the one where I work.
>Arvel Williams
>Bill Allen wrote:
>> Gee, are you _sure_ that your backup system is safe enough?
>> Let's see, 30 servers, full backups weekly for 18 months, that's
>> 2,340 sets!!
>> And you "off-site" a copy of these to a site in seismic zone 4?
>> Shouldn't you find an abandoned salt mine in seismic zone 0?
>> Do you transport these sets using an armored Brinks truck?
>> Regards,
>> Bill Allen
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>> Date: Monday, January 05, 1998 10:15 AM
>> Subject: Re[2]: File Backups
>> >     We may have a larger scale operation than you do, but here we have
>> >     about 30 production servers which are backed up each night.  The
>> >     backup is an incremental backup, only the changed files are saved,
>> >     similar to what you do.  Each week a full backup is made, every
>> >     on the server is copied.  The full backups are kept on site with a
>> >     copy going off-site (San Diego area) for disaster recovery
>> >     These full backups are kept for 18 months and then recycled.
>> >
>> >     Ed Haninger
>> >     Fluor Daniel
>> >
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>> >Subject: Re: File Backups
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>> >Date:    01/05/1998 11:04 AM
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>> >
>> >We have had some discussion on hardware for backups, but now I would
>> to
>> >
>> >shift the focus to procedure and scheduling.  What I would like to see
>> >other's opinions, strategies, etc. on backing up computer files.
>> >     .......
>> >     I would like to hear of a more systematic approach to scheduling
>> >     backups and using tapes from some of you experienced backuppers
>> >     word).
>> >Richard Lewis, P.E.