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Re: Need default passive pressure in Santa Monica

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Thanks Bruce,
I will follow your advice on this one. The pole is not "isolated" since it
lies in the plane of a softstory structure. I will try to increase the
diameter since manipulating steel into a 24" diameter hole 4.5 feet deep is
a bit tough. Fortunately, I am not squeezed by the property line and have
some room to spare in front of the wall.
Thanks again for all of the responses that came in, I do appreciate it.

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Date: Tuesday, January 06, 1998 7:41 AM
Subject: Re: Need default passive pressure in Santa Monica

>Dennis -
>Without a soils report, we typically use 1000 psf bearing and 100 psf
>which can be doubled for isolated pole footings and increased by 1.33 for
>seismic loads.  Occassionally, I try to use 150 or 200, but then the plan
>checker usually asks for justification, i.e. a soils report.
>For your case, I'd start with 100 psf.  When the owner complains how deep
>footings are, you can run out options at 200 psf, 300 psf, etc., to see the
>effect on the footings depths and to determine whether the cost of the
>report is justified.  If you only have a few footings, it is probably
>and cheaper just to dig them deeper based on the 100 psf valules.
>Bruce Resnick, SE
>Parker Resnick Str. Eng.