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Re: File Backups, Zips, Compresses, etc.

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You guys and your zipped, compressed, stakked, taped, compressed zip,
stakked zips, compressed and stakked zip backup procedures, makes me want
to take a nap.

For a couple three hundred dollars you can get a 4+ gig hard drive, how
many jazzed/zip drives, tapes, disks and lost disks does this make.

You install the new drive as your C and move the old drive plug on the
mother board to the D drive.  Now you have a bootable D drive incase the
new drive goes bad, by switching the mother board plugs.

You install windows and all your software on the new 4+ gig C drive, yes it
will take a good part of a day, but consider all the floppy swapping, tape

You can eliminate some files on the D drive to open more disk space.

You purchase LAPLINK 95 and MICROSOFT PLUS for a couple hundred dollars.

LAPLINK allows you to transfer files from disk to disk and PLUS allows this
to happen at any time you choose, 3 am for example.  This transfer can also
be across phone lines to a home computer any time you choose, 3 am for

For those of us that do some work at home this can always assure that you
are using the most current version of the files, software, etc., whether at
home or at the office.  The transfer of the office material to the house
can be performed while driving home, files back to the office at 3am.

So with a office and home computer, both with a C and D drive and LAPLINK
and PLUS, you can have up to 4 copies of your data and programs.  You can
even have differing ages of the files by doing the C to D copy at the house
on Sunday mornings at 6am, and the office C to D at 3 am everyday.

PLUS also allows for running SCANDISK and DEFRAG every nite at about lets
say 5 am.  With this solution you have upto 4 copies of files of any age
desired, a ready bootable disk if the current C drive dies, easily obtained
backups across modems from either the office or home considering where ever
you are when you delete (accidentially) that 30 page report you are working

All this occuring while either asleep or driving or both.  I played that
tape, zip, compress dance for too long, above is the most satisfing
solution I have seen or heard of.

	Bill Warren, SE
	Newport Beach, CA