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Re: Job market in Hawaii

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Hawaii's economy is currently in a slump similar in magnitude to what
California saw in the early 1990s (I was working in Los Angeles during that
time, so I have first hand knowledge).  I would suggest that before you
commit to moving out here, that you have a firm job offer in hand with a
well established firm, and independently check that firm's prospects and
reputation.  Hawaii can be an expensive place to move to and from.  At the
moment, we are not currently looking to hire any additional structural
engineers.  Just some friendly advice.

At 11:29 PM 1/6/98 EST, you wrote:
>I will be graduating in June with an Architectural Engineering Degree this
>year and I am planning in relocating to Hawaii to be with my family for a few
>years.  I would like to get some opinions on Entry Level Structural
>Engineering Job outlooks for Hawaii.  I was told that there was a slump of
>markets on most of the Islands, but when I was there this summer, I saw a few
>Structural Engineering adds in the Paper.
>Thanks in advance
>Arce 1998
>Cal Poly SLO

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