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1994 UBC Section 709

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I would like to solicit anyone's opionions or experiences with the
following subject matter.  Recently we were told by our local building
official that for the case where a steel framing member penetrates a
rated fire wall (CMU construction) that the minimum thickness as
specified in table 7-B must be maintained behind the member.  For
example an 8", 1 hour wall is required to have an equivalent thickness
of 2.7".  Thus the face shell on the back side does not satisfy. 
Section 709.2 provides the requirements for a "combustible member"
framed into a rated wall to maintain half of the required thickness
behind the member.  The intent of this section is expanded upon in
"HANDBOOK to the Uniform Building Code".  Also sections 709.6 and 709.7
address penetrations in fire rated walls.  All of the exceptions and
standards seem to address penetrations for mechanical and piping.  It
seems that somehow there must be a way to justify, through code
provisions, a beam or joist bearing on a masonry wall (whether it stops
or continues through) without having to build up the back of the cavity
or face mounting.

Any helpful comments would be appreciated.

Dan Burch