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RE: Light ga. steel publ.

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Since I have not seen any familiar names writing in about residential
steel framing, I am not sure whether this is old news.  Anyway, here

There is a group of engineers working on technical standards for light
gauge steel framing.  The Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association
(LGSEA) meets several times a year.  They publish a newsletter and
technical notes.  In addition, the NAHB, in collaboration with AISI, has
published a Prescriptive Method for Residential Cold-Formed Steel
Framing, 5/96 with Commentary.  If anybody is interested in LGSEA, they
can contact Larry Williams at 615 386 7139, fax 7056.  At NAHB, contact
is Jay Crandell, jcrandell(--nospam--at)

Contact at AISI for all of these activities is Geoff Stone,

John Silva, SE     silva(--nospam--at)
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> Sorry for the mix up, everyone.
> When I sent the message with the SEAOH publication order form
> attached, in
> several formats, I first accidentally sent it without those
> attachments.
> Realizing my error, I tried to send it again with the proper
> attachments.
> However, I did not realize that a size limit of 20K for attachments
> was the
> rule on the SEAOC Listerver.  The reasons for that size limit are
> sound,
> but I had simply forgotten about it.  To remedy the situation, Shafat
> Qazi
> (the system administrator) said he would post the form (where, I am
> not
> sure; he will let me/us know) so that all may download a copy.
> In the meantime, if you only wish to order a copy of the SEAOH
> publication
> on light ga. steel construction, 'snail mail' a letter requesting the
> number of copies you would like of the "Structural Guidelines for
> Detailing
> Cold-Formed Steel Framing (October 1996)" with a check for the total
> amount, to the Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii, P.O. Box
> 3348,
> Honolulu, HI  96801.  A single copy is $15 + $5 s/h for a total of
> $20.
> Orders of 5 or more copies are $10ea. + $3ea. s/h for a total of $13
> each.
> Again, sorry for the goof.
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