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Re: Charpy Impact Test

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>1. Does anybody know how to estimate Charpy V-notch Impact test
>results    for ASTM A53 material at 70 degree if the test is done at 32
No reliable way. Charpy data is inherently loaded with scatter, because 
it is so microstructure dependent. A-53 isn't especially tough so the 
values at 70 F won't be a lot better than 32F, especially if it's 
>2. Does anybody know correlation between Charpy V-notch Impact data
>and    critical stress intensity factor Kc data.  
There are several but you should be careful using them, since there's a 
wide scatter band, and they take no account of particularly dirty 
material or the effects of welding. The AISC Highway Structures Design 
Handbook discusses one such correlation, and Barsom and Rolf published a 
paper on the topic for ASTM. 

My advice is to test the material yourself--don't rely on correlations.

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