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Re: Light ga. steel publ.

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John, I am a member of LGSEA (as of about five months ago or so). You may
have missed many of our debates on steel stud. Try the SEAOC web site for
archives of our listservice postings. You will find many posts related to
steel stud. It is a common subject that comes up fairly often. LGSEA has
also been recommended and mentioned numerous times.
Thanks for bringing it up again, it is a worthwhile organization.
Dennis Wish PE

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Date: Thursday, January 08, 1998 1:34 AM
Subject: RE: Light ga. steel publ.

>Since I have not seen any familiar names writing in about residential
>steel framing, I am not sure whether this is old news.  Anyway, here
>There is a group of engineers working on technical standards for light
>gauge steel framing.  The Light Gauge Steel Engineers Association
>(LGSEA) meets several times a year.  They publish a newsletter and
>technical notes.  In addition, the NAHB, in collaboration with AISI, has
>published a Prescriptive Method for Residential Cold-Formed Steel
>Framing, 5/96 with Commentary.  If anybody is interested in LGSEA, they
>can contact Larry Williams at 615 386 7139, fax 7056.  At NAHB, contact
>is Jay Crandell, jcrandell(--nospam--at)
>Contact at AISI for all of these activities is Geoff Stone,
>John Silva, SE     silva(--nospam--at)
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>> Subject: Light ga. steel publ.
>> Sorry for the mix up, everyone.
>> When I sent the message with the SEAOH publication order form
>> attached, in
>> several formats, I first accidentally sent it without those
>> attachments.
>> Realizing my error, I tried to send it again with the proper
>> attachments.
>> However, I did not realize that a size limit of 20K for attachments
>> was the
>> rule on the SEAOC Listerver.  The reasons for that size limit are
>> sound,
>> but I had simply forgotten about it.  To remedy the situation, Shafat
>> Qazi
>> (the system administrator) said he would post the form (where, I am
>> not
>> sure; he will let me/us know) so that all may download a copy.
>> In the meantime, if you only wish to order a copy of the SEAOH
>> publication
>> on light ga. steel construction, 'snail mail' a letter requesting the
>> number of copies you would like of the "Structural Guidelines for
>> Detailing
>> Cold-Formed Steel Framing (October 1996)" with a check for the total
>> amount, to the Structural Engineers Association of Hawaii, P.O. Box
>> 3348,
>> Honolulu, HI  96801.  A single copy is $15 + $5 s/h for a total of
>> $20.
>> Orders of 5 or more copies are $10ea. + $3ea. s/h for a total of $13
>> each.
>> Again, sorry for the goof.
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