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Charpy Impact Test

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1. The test temperature can be well above the minimum operating
temperature and is dependent on the strain rate of the application
(slow, moderate, impact).  For a strain rate of 1/1000 in/in/sec as in
bridges, the difference is about 70 degree F. If you have the CVN value
at test temp of 32 degree, i.e. it is good for min operating temperature
of -38 degree. This value can be used for application that required test
temperature at 70 on the safe side ( min operating temp is 0 degree).

2. J.M Barsom and S.T. Rolfe wrote a paper titled "Correlations Between
K1c and Charpy V-Notch Test Results in the Transition-Temperature Range"
for several types of steel (ASTM STP 466, Impact Testing of Metal, 1970
). Not for A53 specifically, but it may be helpful.