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seaoc(--nospam--at),Internet writes:
Have I sufficiently baited anyone else to respond ? :)

Okay, I'll bite.  But this is probably not what you are expecting.  How can a
masonry wall reduce the deflection of the diaphragm and not take any of the
shear force in it?  If it is reducing the deflection, it must be doing it by
providing some type of resistance.  If it is providing resistance then why is
it not a shear wall?  And if it is a shear wall, why does it not have to be
designed as such?  

Maybe I am misunderstanding the problem.  Is a cross-wall parallel to the
seismic force or perpendicular to it?  I do not have a UBC commentary to get
the explanation.

I readily admit I do not use the UBC that often so I am not that familiar
with it.  When I do seismic design I usually use one of the other codes or

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