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MISC - Businees Advice

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  I'm presently entertaining the possibility of forming a CFS residential
business with a structural steel fabricator. I would be the "staff engineer"
while he would be the G.C. although the corporate papers will be drawn up such
that we'd be partners. Becoming part of this venture will only cost me my
time; all associated costs will be his responsibility. For me, this businees
will be my second job since I'm currently employed full time elsewhere and
plan to remain as such. Therefore, issues such as health issurance, vacation,
etc. are not a concern.

  Naturally, I have several concerns and questions(liability, what happens if
our relationship goes sour, what I should expect out of this partnership
financially, what protection should I have if he happens if he decides to
replace me, etc.) about this partnership and hence the reason for this post.
Have any of you entered into similar ventures? If so, any advice?

Thanks in advance.

Charlie Canitz, PE
Bel Air, MD