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roto-hammers, masonry & city of LA -Reply

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Tim at Century West Engineering Corp states:

"During conversation with the anchor manufacturer, he stated 
that the City of LA does not allow the use of impact or 
roto-hammers on masonry retrofits. -This seems a bit restrictive.
Has anyone heard of this? - if so, could you explain why?"

The City Of Los Angeles does not permit the use of impact tools on
unreinforced masonry because the vibration can reduce the in-plane
shear strength. Walls damaged by impact must be retested for shear
strength. Damage repair involves repointing to a depth of 1-1/2 inches as

By the way, the restriction on impact tools is also in UCBC Appendix 1. It
appears as footnote # 5 in Table A-!-E 

" Drilling for bolts and dowels shall be done with an electric rotary drill.
Impact tools shall not be used for drilling holes or tightening anchors and
shear bolt nuts."