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Re: roto-hammers, masonry & city of LA

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On Tue, 13 Jan 1998, Jeff Smith wrote:

> I was a staff engineer for the SE firm who worked on the dance club. My
> guess is that the dance club agreed to lower the decibels based on the URM's
> acoustic engineers measurements. A moot point since the dance club is now
> out of business. I do not know if any pre and post dance club in-plane
> mortar shear tests ever occurred. IMO, If sound is enough to weaken a URM,
> the masonry would never pass a shear test anyway. Might  make a good Memorex
> commercial.
> >
> >> I worked on a seismic upgrade of a wood framed, concrete shear wall
> building
> >> that was later turned into a dance club. The Owner of the adjacent URM
> >> building protested the nightclub on the basis that the dance music caused
> >> vibrations that were weakening his URM building. The URM owner hired both
> a
> >> structural and acoustic engineer.  Regards,

The whole thing sounds frivolous (sounds like bad neighbors, mostly) but 
at the same time, rather interesting. Do you know anything of the 
findings of the URM building owner's structural and acoustic engineers 

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