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Business License and Professional Services

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I know we discussed this one in regards to the City of Los Angeles, however I can't find the thread in the List Archives. Here is the senerio:
A city requires a professional engineer to obtain a city license. The engineer does not have a practice in that city and pays for a city license in the city where his physical offices are located. I believe it was determined by the Supreme Court in California that a city (the City of Los Angeles) could not impose a city license fee upon professional services and that all professional services were exempt from this.
Can anyone lead me to the proper law that exempts a professional engineer from having to file for a city license in every city he designs a structure for?
This is again being tested here in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs) by Palm Desert City Hall. I think it has been resolved as I made this point with the business office. The problem was compounded by the fact that the contractor had listed me as a sub-contractor which put my name on his "Subs" list. The city required that everyone on the Sub list be licensed in that city. They have agreed to remove my name from the Sub list and it appears to be cleared up. My worry is that the next person who interprets this law will have me back on another "list". It would be easier to simply fax them a copy of the law.
BTW, the From Experience issue that I saved on this is missing the second page where I believe the explanation appears (I have scanned the document).
Thanks for the help - again!
Dennis Wish PE