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Re: E-mail delivery of Division 93 Retrofit Standards

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Please send your requests to TMCCORMI(--nospam--at)BAS.CI.LA.CA.US directly rather than
through the listservice. We appreciate the offer Tim has made, but I think
it is more appropriate for us to send our personal information directly to
his email address. You can also click on the highlighted email address to
start a new message to Tim.
Here are some instructions as to how to save a name from any email you
receive so that you can respond privately to request type posts. BTW for
those offering to send information, please include your private email
address at the bottom of your post so that it can be used to launch direct
Instructions for saving names to email address book:
If you are using Internet Explorer for your email client, double click on
the email message that Tim sent. Next highlight his name in the From Box at
the top of the message. When you right click, you will have the choice of
saving his address to your address book. This is best, although you could
simply copy and paste is address into a new main message.
When you start a new message (after saving his name to your address book)
you only need to click on the card icon next to the 'To:' slot to open your
address book. Next find Tim's name or email address and simply use the
arrows to move it to the "To" side of the address book.
Complete your message and send! It's that simple.
This will help reduce the number of messages that most of us receive that
are of no value to us.
Thank you for your consideration.
Dennis Wish PE

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Date: Wednesday, January 14, 1998 1:48 PM
Subject: Re: E-mail delivery of Division 93 Retrofit Standards

>Please send me a "hard copy" via snail mail to:
>John N. McLucas
>302 Vista Bella Drive
>Santa Cruz, CA 95060
> Thanks,
> John N. McLucas