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RE: Light ga. steel publ.

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Thanks for the clarification, Dennis.  Mind if I pick your brain a
little more?  Are you designing a lot of residential steel, or is it
mostly commercial?  Do you specify the fasteners?  Are contractors
asking you to approve other fastening methods (clinching, nails, etc.)?

J. Silva, SE

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> >Dennis,  thanks for your response.  I've been following the
> development
> >of residential steel (as opposed to metal framing in general) from
> the
> >standpoint of whether this trend has got legs and why (I'm in R&D).
> Any
> >information from my colleagues regarding experiences with residential
> >steel projects, pros and cons, outlook for the future, is welcome.
> Same
> >goes for feedback regarding fasteners.
> >John Silva, SE
> John,
> The latest controversy has to do with the discrepency of the APA
> report 154
> which was date back around 1993 and the upcomming '97 UBC requirments
> for
> Steel Stud Shear walls. The APA report indicates the minumum stud
> thickness
> at 14-18 gauge for shearwalls with a failure mode in the studs rather
> than
> the plywood connection.
> Professor Serette's work at Santa Clara University tested 20 gauge
> studs for
> shear walls. My understanding is that the tests were done at Simpson
> Strong-tie on their shear rack. The 97 UBC recommends 20 gauge studs
> for
> shear walls.
> I would be very cautious of using 20 gauge studs for shearwalls when
> past
> testing (non-cyclic) has proven that stud buckeling occurs at 16 or 18
> gauge
> studs before the panel connection. What is the basis for recommending
> 20
> gauge studs in the next code? Is the testing as reported by APA
> wrong????
> These questions need to be addressed. Until then, I'll stick with
> specifying
> 16 or 18 gauge studs in accordance with APA 154.
> We have had some communication on the list regarding this subject, but
> I
> don't think it has been resolved since cyclic testing has not be
> evaluated
> (I believe it has finally been done) and published.
> Regards,
> Dennis Wish PE