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Re: INSP - Special Inspection Epoxy Anchors

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Special inspection is extremely critical for any epoxy anchors. if the
holes are not cleaned or larger than required, the anchors won't work. 
Sometimes you can get only half the required values.  Pull-out tests
should be performed for critical anchors.  I usually specify 10% to 20%
ramdom test on these epoxy anchors as first trial.  Pull-out values can
be up to 2 times design values.  If the first round passes, then stop,
or else, continue to the next round until you are satisfied with the

good luck,

Tom Chiu, SE


Stan Johnson wrote:
> Pringle  ... Silva ... anybody?
> For wedge anchors and the like, I have seen
> special inspection criteria which use torque  on
> the nut to test the anchor.  I understand that
> this is generally justified because in these types
> of anchors, the ability of the anchor to resist
> forces is intimately connected to the amount of
> torque applied during installation.
> What about torque testing of epoxy anchor systems,
> Like Hilti's HY150 (we are trying to anchor stuff
> in Zone 4).
> Stan Johnson,  PE,  Sorry I haven't been active on
> the list lately, but I've been rather busy.