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Disaster dilema

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I would like to solicit some comments regarding re-occupying homes and
apartment buildings following a major earthquake.

Scenario:  It is anticipated that a major event in the bay area on either
the San Andreas or Hayward fault could result in approximately 154,000
displaced persons.  How do you house (short- and long-term) these people?

Proposed solution:  Some bay area government agencies propose that people
be allowed to re-occupy (full time) damaged homes and apartments as long as
they do not pose a collapse hazard or other life safety hazard.  This
occupancy would take place even if all utilities are turned off and
sanitation is out.

>From the safety assessment program standpoint is this a viable solution?
What about fire hazards?  Would this approach result in faster repairs of
damaged structures or slower repairs?  Any comments would be welcome>