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LFRD of Pile Cap

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We have been designing a dual steel EBF and SMRF with ductile columns
(Pc/Pu < 0.5).  A modal analysis of the site has been undertaken for  the
building, soil category E, seismic design category D.  The frames are
connected to othe columns in the structure through  concrete pile caps to
incorporate there dead load and reduce uplift of the prestressed precast

The question is do the pile caps have to be designed for the elastic modal
analysis forces (ie E = Pe +/-0.4.Ca.D ) from the columns , this I assume
would mean the pile caps are considered ductile, or the the amplified loads
limited by the link capacity (ie E = 0.4.R.Pe +/- 0.4.Ca.D), this I assume
means the pile caps are not ductile.

If the pile caps are non-ductile is there a method to consider them
ductile? Due to the loads involved the detailing is very close to meeting
the requirements of a concrete SMRF.

An information would be much appreciated.

Many Thanks in advance

Bruce Saunders