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RE: Disaster dilemma

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At least you're just waiting on a coach.  I'm waiting on a football and basketball team.  Alabama's football season was pretty bad this year (the worst in 40 something years).  Add to that we got beat by 54 points by AUBURN on Sunday in basketball.  At least baseball season will be here before too long (runners up in the College World Series last year.)  

John Jones
Pell City, AL
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Subject:	RE: Disaster dilemma

The role of an architect following a natural disaster should probably be
limited to determining whether or not a damaged building is too ugly for
occupancy!  {;^>

Stan Caldwell in Dallas
(still waitin' on a coach)

We are born with our eyes closed and our mouths open,
and we spend our whole lives trying to reverse that mistake
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>I noticed that AIA was listed.  I hope that architects are not going around
>attempting to determine the structural adequacy of buildings after an
>earthquake event.
>John Jones
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>Subject:	Re: Disaster dilema
>We should be able to handle most any request for assistance in safety
>assessment.  We have close to 6,000 individuals registered between SEAOC,
>AIA, ACIA, ASCE, and CALBO.  For Northridge we used 600 plus around 200
>from the Army Corps of Engineers.