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Re: Disaster dilemma

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The battle between Architect and Engineer will probably never end. The main
reason to have an architect as part of the emergency team is so that he can
view the damage and understand just why we have been nagging him to design
more shearwalls or restraint into his aesthetic package. Maybe while the
damage is so fresh in his memory he will remember that he needs to balance
appearance with reasonable safety measures.
The latest "look of beauty" in high end architectural homes here in the
desert is the "glass-to-glass" corner where not supporting post or mullion
is used and a weather sealing strip is used to provide a positive connection
of the glass to protect the HVAC enviornment inside.  I have tried to stress
the potential problems with this type of connection when the headers
deflect, warp, twist, cup etc over time of in the event of a strong seismic
motion. I have seen these corners fail in strong winds as well as strong
Still the window companies supply these features and architects build them
into the design.
I went as far as to design a tension rod connection near the mid span
between supports for the cantilevered beams. I had thought of putting an
access panel into the wall (closet) so that if the beam end settles over the
years, the deflection can be adjusted by tightening the rod in the wall. The
contractor decided to put a post in so he did not have to drill through the
beam (a GLB) and install the plates as well as insure the anchorage to the
slab foundation.
Wouldn't it be great if architects learned to design based upon constraints
within their geographic region due to nature.
Dennis Wish PE

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Date: Wednesday, January 21, 1998 9:03 AM
Subject: RE: Disaster dilemma

>I am glad to see that the old battles of architects vs. engineers are still
>alive.  You think that you guys have it bad in the sports arena--Los
>Angeles is trying to get the Raiders back!!!!!  Help us all!!!
>Speaking of major disasters!  Thank you all for your comments regarding the
>housing issue.  You have provided me with some food for thought.  I think
>the approach we will most likely take is to study some types of damage to
>homes and develop a training program for local governments on what types of
>damage consititue a life safety hazard and what kinds do not.  I think that
>we will also develop a fact sheet on the fire hazard issue.
>Any more comments that you may have will be greatly appreciated.
>Additionally, if any of you have photographs of various types of damage to
>single family residences and apartment buildings could you send them to me
>with the following information:
>1.  Description of the damage
>2.  Location of the structure
>3.  Earthquake which caused the damage
>4.  Your name and address
>You can send this information to me at:
>Richard Ranous
>Governor's Office of Emergency Services
>74 North Pasadena Ave.  8th floor
>Pasadena, California 91103
>Thank you all again.