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What version of Autocad do you have, so I can send it in the right

Best regards,

Tom Long

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	Please ,
	I'm in sweden,
	Can You send me some drawind and Skecth to see the projekt


	Best regards

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	> At 12:45 PM 1/20/98 +0800, you wrote:
	> >We are designing a new 5 level airport in Manila, 188,000 m2.
The type
	> >of construction is concrete flat plate slab with drop panels.
We are
	> >using SAP2000 to analyze the structure.  After we perform the
	> >and get the seismic forces from the response spectra
analysis, should we
	> >apply an IDR to reduce the forces before we compare them with
	> >capacity of the elements, or should we compare the d/c ratio
to a
	> >acceptable factor for the type of structure.  
	> >
	> >Or in another case should we follow the UBC and just scale
the results
	> >from the dynamic analysis.
	> >
	> >Thank you
	> >
	> >Best regards,
	> >Tom Long
	> >Asia 
	> >
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