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RE: Disaster dilemma

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The AIA chapters in California play a large role in our safety assessment
program.  Of the 600 inidividuals we used during the Northridge response,
about 30% per architects.  Architects have been involved in evaluating the
safety of damaged buildings since the Loma Prieta earthquake.  They have
been used along with building inspectors from both the private and public
sector and have done a good job.  Our total available resouces are about
6,000 of which 3,000 come from local government building departments.  The
remaining 3,000 come from the private sector with engineers making up a
larger percentage than architects or building inspectors.

As far as teaming inexperienced with experienced this becomes difficult to
do on a response.  We provide the individual to local government based on
their requests.  The local government deputizes the individuals and makes
the assignments.  In many respects they simply do not have time to try and
team individuals by their experience.  This is the primary reason that OES
has agreed to re-write the training program and expand it.  I am currently
working on the program now and will be ready for review later this Spring.
The course is planned as a 16-hour course which will be offered through our
training institute (California Specialized Training Institute) located in
San Luis Obispo.  CSTI will take the course on the road to the various
organizations who are sponsoring the course.  All details have not yet been
worked out, but the hope is to have the course certificated and provide
continuing education credit.