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Re: Rigid frame deflections (again)

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>>I may be missing something, and I have done no calculations, but (no
>offense) I think it might be you<<

I HOPE it's me. I'm a lot easier to fix.

If both frame are 10.5 ft. high, then it's not a question of a "tall
>skinny" vs. "short fat" frame.<<

Perhaps I didn't articulate correctly:

It seems to me that a lateral force-resisting element that has a longer
span in relation to its height should be stiffer that one which has a
shorter span to height ratio (I was expecting it to be similar to a shear
wall in that respect) .That was where I was coming from. BUT:  I can see
that for a moment frame, the stiffness would depend on a number of factors.

In residential design, we do a LOT of shear walls and not too many moment
frames. But we are now starting to get into fancier designs where we are
using moment frames, so it's time to look stupid and find all this sutff
out. Better sooner than later.

Kate O'Brien

(come to think of it, NOT asking a question is a lot stupider)