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Re: Rigid frame deflections (again)

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>>I haven't done the math yet but I wonder if the individual beam to col
stiffnesses are the same for both frames then the more the drift is a
function of individual col stiffness ( i.e. very stiff cols and
beams) it seems that the frame will tend to have less rigidity the longer
the beam is.  In the ridiculous case where beam to col stiffness tends to
zero the cols will act more and more as isolated elements. ????<<

Kawabunga! That may be it. If stiffness is a function of I and of Length,
then the individual beam to column stiffnesses ARE different for each
frame.  Furthermore, for a very stiff column and a very flimsy beam, the
columns would more and more act independently. So yes, it is now starting
to make sense

Kate O'Brien