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Re: Disaster dilemma

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> Richard_Ranous/OES(--nospam--at) wrote:

> >
> > To say that only SEs should be performing safety assessments is very short
> > sighted.  We have yet to experience a major earthquake.  If we were to
> > limit safety evaluations to SEs only, there is no way we could perform
> > these valuable assessments in a timely fashion.  I think it is time to
> > place the architects vs. engineers argument behind us (at least in relation
> > to safety assessment) and move on with improving the program and the
> > service it provides to local government and the general public.
> >

Even for safety assessment, only qualified persons should be allowed to
inspect the buildings.  It is not limited only to SEs, if the
architects, civil or geotech. engineers have the required training and
some basic structural courses, may be they can do the job.  The point is
that the public has relied on us to provide them prudent professional
judgement regarding their safety.  From what I learn, only architects
(in CA)graduated from Cal Poly have taken quite a few courses of
structural engineering.  I don't think the majority of architects have
that kind of training or engineering education.  I hope OES will provide
more extensive training and review the resume or educational background
before allowing "assumed qualified persons" to perform safety
assessment.  I would trust my draftpersons more than my architects as
far as safety assessment is concerned.

Tom Chiu, SE
Thomas Engineering