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Re: Disaster dilemma

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wish wrote:

> Bill, I really wasn't trying to point fingers, just make a statement of
> fact. There are SE's out there who obtained the designation by education
> alone (PHD's etc) or by working on public works projects and who have little
> or no experience in the private sector.<snip>

While I doubt that many SEs are as good of a practical design engineer as you
are the fact remains that the CA SE exam is a practical not theortical test on
real world problems (at least it was when I took it) and the exam really
demonstrates that the examinee can quickly solve real world structural problems.
The exam is oriented towards building structures so it is particularly difficult
for those engineers who work in an office that works exclusively in steel and/or
concrete (not wood or masonry).

I do agree with your point about either raising the bridge or lowering the river
with regards to licensing. Either BORPELS should require architects and
civil-civils to participate in some sort of structural continuing education or
take the SE (not CE) exam.

> Finally, what makes you think that this problem is isolated to California?

Frankly? It's the only place I care about.

> Dennis

Bill Allen