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Re: Re: Disaster dilemma

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It seems obvious to me that if it takes an engineer to design the lateral
force resisting elements in a building then it should be an engineer who
evaluates the safety of the system after the seismic event.  If someone could
not design it to begin with then how can they evaluate if it is still

Let's reverse the situation.  Lets say an office building was having a
terrible time with conflicting traffic at the buildings entrance due to a
poor floor plan layout.  Would the owner call in the structural engineer or
the mechanical engineer to solve the traffic problem?  If he did then he
would probably get a separate entrance designed for every building function
to solve the problem!  After all, that is the most logical solution.  An
architect is trained to layout a functional plan to solve the problem.  They
are not trained to solve mechanical or structural DESIGN problems.  (I know
they do more than floor plans so please don't flame me, but they do not do
the specific design of the other professions).

If an architect wants to evaluate a structure after a seismic event then they
should be competent in the design of a lateral force system ahead of time.

Just my $0.02 from a non-seismic (well at least EXTremely low) zone of Texas.


Richard Lewis, P.E.
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