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New: Disaster Dilemma - Get Involved

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Rawn Nelson wrote:

Hopefully, through this forum or others the status of these efforts will
be displayed for review and comments. As was alluded to in one or more of
the responses on this thread "Structural Engineering " is your chosen
profession, if you want to improve any related aspect GET INVOLVED.

One of the greatest problems I have seen on this list is the phrase "Get Involved". It has been my understanding that that is exactly what we are doing - getting involved by debating, discussing and sorting through this issue as a listservice community in order to resolve or come to a generalized , if possibly, comprimised solution that we can all live with.

I would only wish that SEA, NCSEA, CELSOC, ASCE and all of the others would "Get Involved" with the thousands of engineers on this list.  Most of us are not "Southern Calfornia or Northern California" We are from all around the world and wish to "get involved". Yes, technically I am in Southern California, but show me how easy it is to commute to committee meeting 150 miles away during business hours or shortly after. The reason for this list was to fill a need that our membership dues never provided - the ability for members to voice an opinion without having to get involved on the limited terms established by committees in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Sacramento or San Diego. Many of us live outside these area's which creates a much greater hardship than it does for Rick, or Rawn or other SEAOSC,NC,SD,CC members.

Let's learn a little etequete here on the list. Arguments that start with "They always...", "They never...." and rhetoric such as "don't complain unless you are willing to get involved.." should be omitted from our vocabularies. The fact is that we are involved in a very productive way - much more productive that a committee which meets once a month. We meet every day and hash these subjects out until we run out of steam or have reached some understanding of what should be done. Once that is done, we sit back frustrated because the people that can do something with our conversations don't take the time or energy to listen or become involved with the most unique and useful way of polling the community concensus.

Do we fall on deaf ears because individuals who we have elected to represent us have a different opinion or is it that we are not taken seriously or is it that we don't represent the average opinions (which I would like proof of) or simply because they don't have the time to learn the technology which will put them in touch with a combined group of intellegent professionals that spend a great deal more than 40 hours per week working to improve the knowledge of engineering and trying to better our profession (breath)?

One thing that we are learning is: after three years or more of participating on the list every day of the week and often in the middle of the night, new participants appear with the same arguments that put us back in square one and require us to bring that person up to speed. Don't misunderstand, everyones opinions are equally balanced here, but we do have an archive to research and learn from. Then, based upon weighing the comments of many others, you will be able to suggest something new and innovating.

Sorry! It's a sore issue for many of us that are geographically impaired or don't have the ability or resources to attend and participate in committees OR don't live in the state but are as much entitled to an opinion about our common profession or simply don't care to support a professional organization that has little to offer other than lobbying power (although I would hope this list solves the last issue).


Dennis Wish PE