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SE by Education?

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     Dennis Wish wrote:
     "Bill, I really wasn't trying to point fingers, just make a statement 
     of fact. There are SE's out there who obtained the designation by 
     education alone (PHD's etc) or by working on public works projects and 
     who have little or no experience in the private sector."
     I hope Dennis is not referring to Licensed SEs.  100 PHDs will not get 
     you an SE license in Calif. (unless you were old enough for the 
     grandfather clause, i.e. very old).  Just to take the exam you need at 
     least three licensed SEs to verify (under perjury of the law) that the 
     applicant has in fact performed real world structural engineering.  
     There is also a minimum requirement for the number of years worked 
     past obtaining your college degree.
     Thomas Hunt,
     Fluor Daniel