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Re: ArchitectÕs dilemma - the burden of determining competence is essentially self-r

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Whoa Fred!!!!!!!!!
First, AIA is not a licensing agency, it is a professional organization. One
can be an architect without belonging the American Institute of Architect -
and many are who feel that the organization is too controling and political.
Second, the Board of Architectural Exam regulations do not, I repeat, do not
limit an architect from practicing structural engineering. Nor do they test
an architectes ability beyond a basic seismic understanding of section 16 of
the UBC. This essentially tests them on their ability to understand or
regurgitate the base shear formulas in the code (or the last time I tutored
an architect on this issue ZIKCsW) and some knowledge of wind. Certainly not
enough to start designing structural components and lateral restraint to a
building (and forgive me, even a residential structure of low importance can
fail and kill a family). Where is it in the Architects licensing provisions
that prevent him from stamping and taking responsibility for structural
drawings and calculations unless he has a sufficient Polytechnic education
and can pass even the EIT let alone CE exam?
Simply put, the are only tested to competent levels of architectural
specialties, but have the legal right to scribble a few calculations and
take responsibility over the structural nature of a building. Granted, not
an intellegent thing to do, but then money has a way of corrupting common
sense. This is very true in my area as at least 40% of the architects do
their own structural design at the blessing of local building officials
whose hands are tied from requireing otherwise.
Something it terribly, terribly, TERRIBLY wrong here!
Dennis Wish PE
PS, When was the last time an Architect was brought up to disiplanary
actions for providing a structural design for which he has not proven

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Subject: ArchitectÕs dilemma - the burden of determining competence is
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>Just some minor points: Architects ARE required to complete continuing
>education if they want to belong to the AIA nationwide. However, they have
>wide range of topics to pick from. California Architects are also limited
>practice only within their areas of demonstrated competence and training in
>accordance with Board of Architectural Exam regulations in California.
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