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Re: New: Disaster Dilemma - Get Involved

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>      Rawn Nelson wrote:
>     >  Hopefully, through this forum or others the status of
>     >  these efforts will
>     >  be displayed for review and comments. As was alluded to in
>     >  one or more of
>     >  the responses on this thread "Structural Engineering " is
>     >  your chosen
>     >  profession, if you want to improve any related aspect GET
>     >  INVOLVED.
>     >  -----------------------------------------------------------
>     >

 Of couse, we are involved, what do you think I am doing late at night
at 11.45. We are simply making use of the information highway to GET
INVOLVED with engineers from all around the world.  We are approaching
the 21st century, getting involved doesn't mean we have to communicate
in a closed room. Just because I am involved, I may get a divorce if I
don't go to bed soon. In a small office environment, I simply don't have
the luxury of attending SEAOSC meeting that often. As you know it is
pretty competitive out there. Internet is the best mean of communication
for  small office owner like me to GET INVOLVED and trying to make a
living also.

Tom Chiu, SE

I AM INVOLVED, just in case if you don't hear me, sorry, I should say,
read my lip.