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Re: New: Disaster Dilemma - Get Involved

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>>To all You Involveds,Involvor's and Involvees,
        My involvement has generally increased whenever I feel needed or
insulted in my professional capacity. That most often happens when one is
approached by a new "pure,raw, virgin (as in the honey)" client . The
indirect insult is "its only a small thing" on a $million dollar house....or
on a developers $10 million project...."the structural is minimal". We know
what the next words are...."how much do you charge?" I'm generally then
catapulted into the role of "insulting Engineer". The answer to most of us
is obvious. $29.95!!!!!!!
        Unfortunately, many of the times that we are needed ,some of the
"needors" can't really afford us or worse don't really understand what we do
and that they do need us. This results in nicknames foisted on us by
disgruntled individuals in various parts of the industry such as "norbert
overkill"! Being truly needed for our expertise can be a very high honor as
'Herb" so eloquently put it. This happens on those glorious projects that
force us to search for not only the answers but more importantly even...the
questions!! Researching adfreeze icing on a mountaintop structure was one of
those projects for me. 
        Bottom line is that involvment comes from our humanity and "humor"
is probably one of the most important measures of that.
        Yours Truly and somewhat geographically impaired,
        Norb Volny