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Re: Concrete & Steel Moment Frame

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>Who would design something like that? 
>Tom Chiu, SE
>Joe McCormick wrote:
>> Has anyone ever designed a round concrete column and structural steel wide
>> flange girder rigid moment frame?  Is this allowed
>> under 1994 UBC?  If so, what Rw factor should the structure be designed
>> with?  Any clue how the detail would work to attatch
>> the steel beam to a round concrete columns to get an FR joint?

>> Joe McCormick, P.E.
>Sounds pretty orgasmic to me! We constructed a post and beam system with
sonotube formed concrete columns with a steel bearing plate at each floor
line that was punched to allow the vert #8 rebar to extend thru for the next
floor. The steel beams were preassembled with the steel composite joistas on
a 20' grid and then flown in by a small crane and fastened. A"bird cage of
rebarwas placed and the floor deck poured or"cast" to be totally copescetic.
*BTW* The lateral load resisting system was concrete shear walls. 
        Point is ,you could do something similar and develop a frame and
obviously the joint development is critical. Hope this is of some use.
        Norb Volny, PE GWE