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Re: Disaster dilemma

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I as one of the SEAOSC Board Members do have a thick skull, and Rick will
attest to it and my gentile approach to getting my thoughts across.  Yes
participation in the List Server is getting involved, participation with
CAC is getting involved as well as anyother committee effort.  I do make a
long drive to attend Board meeting as well as others.

As I said before, there are changes on the horizon, some good and some very
bad.  Licensing is one, BORPELS appears to be trying a new approach.  The
SEAOC item writing committee, the committee that previously wrote the SE
exam and graded it, isn't any more.  The exam is being written "BY OTHERS",
where this is going I am not sure and may not be good.

As I said before, there are good things on the horizon and many like Rawn,
Rick, John Shippe are spending alot of their 'FREE" time working to
preserve "OUR" profession, because there are thoses that would have things

Those advising to "GET INVOLVED" do request more of you, and more of us
all, including all those who have chosen to this point to do nothing.  You
can "GET INVOLVED" my pushing and damanding that those around you get
involved, join SEAOC, pay their dues, attend the convention, attend dinner
meetings, attend seminars, join the speakers committee, give of their time
to speak.  You do not have to be in either So. Calif, No. Calif or even
California, all over the country, get involved locally, statewide and
Nationally.  How many are member of NCEES?
Join NCSEA, support your representative to NCSEA, our profession is not a 9
to 5 job, it is more.

True, not all of those that should be participating on this List are, that
will change.  Look to the past 20 years and the advancement to our
profession, a laptop that out performs the IBM 360's I learned to program

As was once said of FREEDOM, maintaining our profession is hard work, yes
Dennis you have to do more, as well as all of us.

	Bill Warren, SE
	Newport Beach, CA