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Re: Disaster dilemma

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You know I have been a strong supporter of the issue regarding Structural
Engineer I and Structural Engineer II designations for the past few years. I
have written many posts on this list as well as letters to SEAOSC hoping to
get them to see how it protects the public safety before it resolves the
personal squabbles between SE's and CE's.
I am not aware of any possible changes that will bring this to fruition and
would be very interested if you can report any progress. The only change
that I am aware of is BORPELS desire to have engineers (CE's) commit to an
area of expertise so that the state can best manage those who are brought up
on disiplanary action. Please let us all know if there is more to this
The quality of engineers is, indeed, an important to the quality of the work
and judgment used in the field. There will alway's be those individules like
the Rick Ranous's, Rawn Nelson's, Frank Lew's and many others we are seen on
this list who have exceled over all others in their devotion to this
profession by their countless number of hours of volunteer work for SEA -
and most importantly, for the safety of all how habitate a structure. I
would be terribly remiss in not recognizing thier devotion and would, in no
way, wish to insult, demean or reduce their importance in the evolution of
our profession.
Structures will become more complicated - even the single family dwelling -
as we continue to discover through emperical means the causes of damage and
the most ecconomical solution to repair and mitigation. It will become more
complicated as architects create more open designs requiring greater
creativity in engineering. Remember, it wasn't possible to build the tallest
building in the world in the most ecconomical fashion without the invention
of the computer. The same holds true for other structures that require
technical advancments within our profession to create the ultimate skyhook
at K-mart prices. My point is that we need to resolve the loose ends that
drag behind us and often pull us back one step for each gain that we make.
The issues need resolution, not burial.

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Date: Saturday, January 24, 1998 10:27 AM
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>The quaility of the engineer is the question.  But remember we live in a
>liquid society, the horizons contain many changes which many of us welcome.
> National registration?  Structural Engineer I and Structural Engineer II,
>limiting the design of structures to licensed Structural Engineers Level I
>or II and the design of subdivisions, curbs, gutters, hydralics, water and
>sewage treatment, etc., to licensed Civil Engineers.  The National
>registration may or maynot include Architect to design structures without
>SE I or oral exam?
> Bill Warren, SE
> Newport Beach, CA