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Re: This is totally inappropriate for this listserve..

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Although I am not a liberal but a pragmatist, I can't help but wonder what
the public would have thought about the Kennedy's intercurricular activites,
J. Edgar Hovers taste in clothing, Nixon's anti-semitism - all while these
people were holding public office office. Personally, what and with whom he
does (it) while on his own time and with his own equipment is none of my
concern - let Hilery worry about it. How many congressmen and sentate
members are sleeping with young boys, prostitutes, clerks or simply cheating
the taxpayer out of millions in special interest or "spiffs" - a lot more
than I'm sure they would have us believe.
I think they should get back to business and do what we pay them to do -
represent us. It's funny that we are "bitching" at our professional
representatives to listen to us and actually represent the voice of the
people, and we can't expect the same decency from our voice in congress.

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Date: Tuesday, January 27, 1998 1:38 PM
Subject: RE: This is totally inappropriate for this listserve..

>I agree!  Totally inappropriate!  How dare anyone make disparaging
>remarks about our fearless leader!  Innocent until proven guilty!  We
>don't really know if he ever inhaled and/or inserted, so who are we to
>On the other hand, I just can't help myself.  My current "Trash Slick
>Willie" Win95 desktop theme is judged to be totally improper (key word
>this week) by all who see it.  Then, they usually ask for a copy.  I
>have been embarrassed to call Bill Clinton my President since he was
>first elected, and his recent escapades in the Oral Office have finally
>pushed me over the edge.  After all, he could have avoided all of this
>if he had simply followed the advice of Saddam Hussein:  "Camels don't
>For the two or three liberal Democrats that might read this post, please
>accept my apology in advance.  I promise that my next post will be
>politically correct and related to structural engineering!
>Until then ... Stan Caldwell
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>>Subject: This is totally inappropriate for this listserve..
>>Probably few will realize this but today is the 25th anniversary of the
>>signing of the Vietnam Peace Accord in which we Americans admitted defeat,
>>let down the people of South Vietnam and admitted over 54,000 Americans
>>in vain. I remember that day well because I was in the Tonkin Gulf on the
>>Enterprise which flew the last sortie into Hanoi.
>>25 years later, I remain an embarrassed American with what is going on in
>>Bill Allen
FN:Dennis S. Wish